Our CSA Share Options

Your share of the harvest at the Community Farm of Ann Arbor includes over fifty different vegetables, fruits, and herbs that grow well in Southeast Michigan. The weekly distributions are a delicious snapshot of what’s in season, to be eaten immediately or preserved for later. As you peruse the various share options, you’ll find that the Community Farm of Ann Arbor can fit into many different lifestyles, all of which deserve the healthiest food and a loving community in stewardship of the Earth.


Click here for a list of the crops grown on the Community Farm of Ann Arbor.

The share cost for 2018 was determined by consensus of the membership at the annual meeting in mid January. As a member of the farm, one has an equal voice and a vote on important decisions in running the farm, including the budget. As a group at the annual meeting, a reasonable balanced budget that everyone is comfortable with was decided upon. A sliding scale was put in place in order to make a place for folks of all financial situations at the Community Farm of Ann Arbor. Another way to consider the sliding scale is that those who pay more than the target price help support others, and those who pay less are being supported by others. It is essential that we help each other to better our world!

2018 Share Costs:

One full share every week (enough produce for a family of 4, or two people who eat a lot of vegetables) at the Community Farm of Ann Arbor: Sliding Scale $850 – $2000 with a target price to meet the budget at $1200; pledge whatever you can in this range as you dance between sustainability and support. The share can be split between members in order to fit your needs. We encourage you to find your own share partner if you wish to split a share, but if you cannot find one, another member with similar needs will be paired with you. This share includes a full Grand Finale Share. 


You can get a full share every other week if a full share every week is too much for you. This option costs: Sliding scale of $500 – $1050; with a target price to meet the budget of $675. Pledge whatever you can in this range as you dance between sustainability and support. This share includes 1/2 of a Grand Finale Share.


Taste of the Farm once per month share. Our shares are a lot of food for many folks, or can seem a little overwhelming for those new to a CSA like ours. This share will be distributed once per month from June through October at the farm or in Ann Arbor at the Rudolf Steiner Lower School (specific monthly pick up days to be announced), and will represent a wonderful slice of the produce along with the full community experience. This option costs a flat rate of $350. This share includes 1/4 Grand Finale Share.

To join the Farm after you’ve returned from Summer vacations, or to only purchase the storage crops distributed at our final distribution of the year , call (734) 433-0261 or email communityfarminfo@gmail.com to arrange a “Back To School” share for a prorated priceor a “Grand Finale ” share for $125.

If you’re not used to seeing your produce bills for the year in one lump sum, this may seem like a lot. But if you buy these amounts of Biodynamic produce, you would spend more than the top number, and not have the added advantages of having a place in the country, a community of like-minded people, the freshest food you’ve ever eaten (except what comes from your garden), the fun of watching your children interact with animals and plants, and the joy of contributing to the creation of a healthy world.

Shares are distributed on the farm Wednesdays from noon-6pm, Saturdays from noon-3pm, or at the Rudolf Steiner Lower School in Ann Arbor (2775 Newport Rd., 48103) Wednesdays from 3:30pm-6:30pm. Members choose one of the above options, but a temporary switch can be made by notifying the farmers at least one day in advance.

We also offer a variety of CSA share add-ons to enrich your experience. Click here to learn more about the Flower Share and Biodynamic Preparation share add-ons.


Print out and send your completed Commitment Form along with your deposit to:

The Community Farm of Ann Arbor

P. O. Box 8353

Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8353


Use our Online Reservation option.

For more information, email Farmers Petar, Marly and Aquillon at communityfarminfo@gmail.com or call (734) 433-0261.