Farm Bylaws And Approved Budget

Bylaws of the Community Farm of Ann Arbor

April 2003



The name of the organization shall be Community Farm of Ann Arbor (CFAA).


The purpose of the CFAA shall be to support a farm which grows a variety of farm products to be shared by members, using biodynamic farming methods. Biodynamic agriculture was inspired by a series of lectures given by Rudolf Steiner in 1924. A further purpose shall be to demonstrate to the community at large the advantages of socially and environmentally responsible agriculture, and to serve as a living model of a community-supported enterprise.


Definition of a Member 

Any individual residing and participating in a household which holds a share in the CFAA shall be termed a member. Within limits determined by the number of shares available, membership shall be open to all, without regard to age, color, health, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. If applications for shares exceed the farm’s production capacity, priority may be given to members who have fulfilled their commitments in the previous season. Individuals or households holding shares in the CFAA are those which have made a commitment to participate in and materially support the CFAA, as determined on an annual basis, and who continue to meet the terms of their commitment. In return for their support, members receive a share of the farm’s production. In addition, the farmers of the CFAA are members with all the rights of other members.


The farmers are those members who actually carry forward the day-to-day work of the farming operation. Responsibility for management of farm and garden, budget creation, product projection, hiring of co-workers, determining the numbers of shares available, and financial oversight is vested in these members, who will develop such policies and decision-making structures as may be necessary for the farm’s operation.

Because the farmers devote themselves to the operation of the farm to an extent that excludes other means of earning a livelihood, they receive material support from the non-farmer members, striving to provide a living consistent with the community standard.

Rights and Responsibilities of Members

Members have the right to elect the Farm’s Board of Trustees, to approve the annual budget and decide how it is to be met, to approve amendments to these bylaws, to devise means of meeting any financial deficit or how to allocate a budget surplus, to make any decisions on which the farmers cannot reach a consensus, and to exercise other rights of membership as determined by the Board of Trustees.

Members are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that is respectful of individual differences and of the rights of others, and for compliance with such guidelines as may be established by the Board of Trustees.

Members are responsible for upholding, in a timely fashion, their commitment to participate in and materially support the farm.

Membership Meetings

At least one meeting of the general membership shall be held each year. Members will be notified in writing of the time, place, and agenda of any meeting, at least two weeks before the meeting.

Member Decision-Making

Decisions shall be reached by consensus when possible. When this is not possible, decision shall be by consensus minus one. When a consensus minus one cannot be reached after one hour of discussion, and a decision is necessary, decision shall be by a vote of 2/3 of members present.

Termination of Membership

The Board of Trustees may choose to to accept the renewal of membership of any member who fails to meet the responsibilities of membership.


The CFAA offices of President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Volunteer Coordination shall be filled  by members who volunteer for these offices and are approved y the membership.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees shall consist of five Trustees, who will carry forward a long-term vision for the Community Farm of Ann Arbor.


Trustees shall be members of the CFAA who are knowledgeable of biodynamic farming and community-supported agriculture, and who are committed to the ideals embodied in these concepts. At least one trustee shall be a farmer of CFAA.


The regular trustees may be joined in an advisory capacity by individuals who may or may not members of the CFAA, and who have special knowledge of gifts to offer.

Term of Office

Trustees shall be elected for a five-year term by the membership at an Annual Meeting or at a Special Meeting. In the event of an uncompleted term, the Board shall choose a new Trustee to complete the vacant term, subject to approval by the membership at the next meeting. In order to avoid all terms expiring at once, the first Board of Trustees shall serve for five, four, and three-year terms, to be determined by lot or consensus after the Board is elected.

Nominations for Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees shall submit the names of candidates having the required knowledge of and commitment to biodynamic farming and community-supported agriculture. Members may submit names to the Board of Trustees for consideration.

Amendment of Bylaws

Any member may submit a proposal to amend the bylaws to the board of trustees, who must notify the membership of the proposal within one month of its submission, for discussion and possible decision at a membership meeting at least 21 days after notification.


Any notification required by these bylaws must be by mail or e-mail to the address of the first listed member of a share. Members indicate on their share commitment form for each season whether they wish mail or e-mail notification.

2017 Member Approved Budget

2017 CFofAA Budget