Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in a weekly share?

The contents of your share will vary week to week and month to month, with the seasonality of each crop.  We make sure to include a variety of veggies each week. Expect the early-season (June) to be filled with tender salad greens, spinach, and the best strawberries you’ve ever tasted.  Summer brings the heat-lovers: tomatoes, peppers, green beans, eggplant, and, of course, zucchinis! As we make the transition to Fall, look for beets, carrots, kale, and potatoes.  Fruits and herbs are also regularly a part of the share. And you’ll also have lots of opportunities to U Pick.

And our Grand Finale share (distributed in November) includes all kinds of great Winter storage veggies: garlic, winter squash, Napa cabbage, radishes, and more!   For a breakdown of what a past season’s distribution included, click here.

Are there any Half-Shares?

While we don’t offer half-shares, we do make every-other-week shares available.  These are a great idea for anyone overwhelmed by the amount of food a CSA brings. Weekly split-shares are also a good option; members can coordinate to either divide the weekly shares between them or trade off on the pick-ups.

When do I pick up my share?

Weekly pick-ups typically begin the first week of June.  You will receive advance notice of our first distribution by phone and/or e-mail. When you register, choose a pick-up day: Wednesday (noon to 6pm) or Saturday (noon to 3pm)

How do I pick up my share?

We have an on-farm distribution!  This gives you the chance to connect with the farm, visit with the animals, and make a day of it if you want to.

Your produce is set up market-style in the lower level of our main barn, ready for you to choose.  Please bring bags and boxes to carry your fruits and veggies; you’ll quickly find they take up a lot of space! Our chalkboard signs will instruct you how many of each item to take – they also share important farm news.

What is the procedure for splitting my share with someone else?

If you a part of a split every-week share, it is up to you to coordinate each distribution with your share partner.

 Options that we’ve seen work out well include:

  • Trading weeks back and forth so that each person picks up every-other-week.
  • Arriving at the same time and dividing your share as you pick up.
  • The first person who arrives divides the share and leaves his/her partner’s produce in a marked bag.


What do I do if I know I’ll be out of town for a pick-up day?

Summer is a busy time, and we know that there are times when you’ll be out of town.  Our first preference is that you ask a friend to pick up your share.  What a great way to introduce someone new to the farm!  (Please be sure to give your friend an orientation before you leave.)  If you give us enough advance notice, we’re willing to switch around your pick-up day.

What do I do if I’m running late or miss my pick-up?

Please give us a call if you know that you are running late on a distribution day.  If we know to expect you later, we can set aside a share for you.  We cannot replace your share if you miss your pick-up entirely.  At the end of each distribution, the surplus produce is doled out to any members who could use it. And the rest goes to the cow!

What is the best way to contact the farm?

While we configure our e-mail system, the best way to reach the farm is either in person or by phone:  734.433.0261

Is the Grand Finale share included in my membership?

Yes!  This “Thanksgiving Share” is the equivalent of 3 weeks of produce, and should definitely keep you rich in veggies into the Winter.  This last distribution is a really fun event and a celebration of the bounty of the season.  Full Shares will receive the full Grand Finale.  Every-other-week shares will be partnered up to split the Grand Finale.

How can I pay for my share?

There are many options for payment, including installments.  A deposit early on reserves your share – and can be sent in with our Reservation Form. We ask that your share be paid in full by August 1st.  Our Commitment Form is a great place to look for more information about share payment.  An online sign-up and payment option is also available.

Why is there a sliding scale?

A sliding scale is put in place in order to make a place for folks of all financial situations at the Community Farm of Ann Arbor.  We ask each member to thoughtfully consider what they are personally able to pledge.  If you are able to pay amounts in the upper part of the range, you can feel good that you are helping those who can only afford the lower end. Please also note that the amount pledged within the sliding scale does not affect the amount of produce you receive.

What are my required membership work hours?

Community Farm is a member-run cooperative!  As such, part of being a member entails pitching in throughout the season on various tasks.  Full Shares have a 15 hour requirement; Every-Other-Week shares have a 7.5 hour requirement.  These hours can be fulfilled in all kinds of ways: joining us in the fields to harvest or weed, doing farm laundry, attending membership meetings, even baking treats. Have another idea of a way you can contribute?  Run it by the farmers!  We are blessed with an incredible membership with all kinds of skills and strengths.

Can I bring children to the farm? 

Of course!  We encourage you to bring your whole family out to the farm.  Your presence there is crucial to its vitality.  As we have quite a few creatures on the farm (a cow, 4 goats, and many chickens), we’d prefer you to leave your four-legged family at home.