January Membership Meeting

Saturday January 25th 1pm-3pm

This will be a pivotal membership meeting for the form this chrysalis fallow year will take. Your voice and ideas are welcome and needed and we hope you can attend. Here are some proposed agenda items:

  • announcements
    • open board meetings 
    • looking for someone with website experience to do our website 
  • We need to make a decision about the animals. We do need to arrive at a decision about this in order to proceed with the budget and planning.
  • 2020 season considerations for creating a budget and organizing membership so that we can have an annual meeting and settle into our transition year
      • What shall we call this season?  our “fallow” year?  our “chrysalis” year?
      • Shall the next member meeting (February 21st) be the annual meeting?
      • The board recommendations for how the year could proceed.
  • We need to be clear on what members can expect of the farm and what the farm can expect of members and who the members are.
    • Board recommendations on sliding scale, what members will receive, how work will get done, how the community will remain connected.
    • The board has been charged with drafting a new membership form for this unusual year.  In order to do this and decide on a reasonable budget that the members can approve (or not) we need decisions on many of the above items.
  • Report from farmer search committee (Margarete will present)
  • Chrysalis (Non-Profit Educational arm) report
  • Short biodynamic presentation (that shows a bit about why it is important for us to take good care of our farm).