Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

The Search For New Farmers

After almost three decades of serving the community through providing the healthiest food possible and creating a loving community around it, our beloved Farmers, Anne and Paul, are retiring. We are now searching for a new farmers to fill their roles and continue the legacy of Michigan’s first CSA for many years to come. Its a big job, but we know there are people out there who would fit perfectly on our farm, and we are excited to meet them!



Here is the official job description:

The Community Farm of Ann Arbor is seeking farmers to lead a team of co-workers on our member owned, consensus governed CSA devoted to Biodynamic agriculture, and to nourishing and sustaining the earth and each other. The farm is located in Chelsea, Michigan and serves a community from the greater Ann Arbor area. It currently consists of 7 cultivated acres, a barnyard, pasture, greenhouse and cold frames, a 25 acre hay field, 2 heritage barns, a cow, 4 goats, a flock of chickens named Jessica, bees, 2 farmers, 5-8 co-workers, a community of about 80 families, and a lot of farm equipment including a solar tractor, 4 regular tractors with implements, and a double digger.

Established in 1988 this was the first CSA in Michigan. True to the original CSA model, the entire community shares the risks and bounty of the farm and supports its farmers. The farm has a long term lease to the land it farms which it helped to preserve as farmland in perpetuity through a conservation easement. The members are intimately connected to the farm through weekly pickups there, monthly membership meetings, and sharing in some of the work of the farm each season. The farm also has a tax-exempt educational arm that coordinates field trips and other educational activities.

The farmers are those members who actually carry forward the day-to-day work of the farming operation. Responsibility for management of farm and garden, budget creation, product projection, hiring of co-workers, determining the number of shares available, and financial oversight is vested in these members, who will develop such policies and decision-making structures as may be necessary for the farm’s operation.

The two most important aspects of the farm are that it is Biodynamic and that it is a CSA. Ideal candidates will have: a familiarity with Biodynamics and a willingness to undertake the spiritual work it requires, and a commitment to original CSA principals in operating through the development of consensus.

This is a year round position with a salary based on the member-approved annual budget. We are seeking someone to cultivate a long term commitment to the farm. The new farmers will take over in 2018. Ideally there will be a period of overlap with the current farmers in 2017 so that they can share their 26 years of experience.

People are welcome to apply as partners or a team.

To apply please send a letter of introduction and a resume to:


If you have questions you can call farmers Anne and Paul at 734-433-0261.



at the

Community Farm of Ann Arbor

Each share comes with a volunteer requirement of 15 hours for a full share and 7.5 hours for a half share. There are as many ways to fulfill this requirement as members of our community. We can find a way for all folks to help out the farm, some examples include:

Weeding and other field work




Computer work


Baking snacks for membership meetings

Helping with special events

Machine/auto repair

Please call Anne and Paul at (734) 433-0261 to arrange the best time to come to the farm to volunteer.