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Student Internship Program

Our Student Internship Program’s goal is to empower young people toward self sustainability through food awareness and agricultural engagement. Interns work twenty-four shifts of their choosing throughout the season for a stipend of $599 and eight full shares of produce. Interns help with all aspects of daily farm work: from planting, cultivation, harvesting and animal care to carpentry, building maintenance, irrigation, and tractor work. Interns may also help lead field trips of younger or more inexperienced visitors to the farm. Over the course of the Spring, Summer and Fall interns will acquire valuable skills that will come in handy throughout their lives. This program works very well as a Summer job or as a short-term intensive farming experience.

To apply for the Student Internship Program, send a letter of introduction with your contact information to


at the

Community Farm of Ann Arbor

Each share comes with a volunteer requirement of 8 hours per share. There are as many ways to fulfill this requirement as members of our community. Non-members are also encouraged and welcome to volunteer! We can find a way for folks of all abilities to help out the farm, some examples include:

Weeding and other field work




Computer work


Baking snacks for membership meetings

Helping with special events

Machine/auto repair


Animal care

Please call (734)433-0261 or email to arrange the best time to come to the farm to volunteer.