Chrysalis Biodynamic Agricultural Learning Center

The Educational Arm of the Community Farm of Ann Arbor
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The Chrysalis Biodynamic Agricultural Learning Center was created in 2011 to share agricultural understandings through demonstrations, lectures, and practical applications using Biodynamic farming methods.  Biodynamic farming is a holistic form of organic chrysalis_clip_image002farming that works systematically, creatively and lovingly with the subtle energies of nature to enhance the health of the farm and the quality and flavor of food.  Farmers practicing Biodynamic farming draw on their own careful observation and experimentation augmented by a body of knowledge gleaned from 90 years of careful experimentation and observation by Biodynamic farmers around the world, all guided by insightful recommendations of Rudolf Steiner, a trained scientist and respected philosopher of the early 1900s who found new ways to improve farm and plant vigor.

Chrysalis is affiliated with the Community Farm of Ann Arbor, a community-supported agriculture farm that uses Biodynamic farming methods.  The Community Farm of Ann Arbor, by partnering with the Chrysalis Biodynamic Agricultural Learning Center, is furthering its purpose of demonstrating to the community at large the advantages of socially and environmentally responsible agriculture and providing a living model of a community-supported enterprise.


Membership dues to Chrysalis will be used to meet the budget determined by the membership annually.

Your membership dues demonstrate support for the mission of Chrysalis and provide official voting status for all Chrysalis activities.  The dues for membership are tax deductible.  In 2012, Chrysalis activities will focus on field trips for local area schools, continuing to build the apprenticeship program, the Biodynamic study group and grant writing to expand the types of educational experiences we offer.  Annual membership dues start at $10.  Your membership dues may be used to enable Chrysalis to offer educational opportunities in 2012 such as the following examples:

  • $10 pays for outreach and demonstration materials
  • $50 pays for lunch for a field trip for 20 children
  • $75 pays for one grant application package
  • $100 pays for one farmer to visit a classroom to prepare for a trip to the farm
  • $300 pays for a whole field trip package: farmers, apprentices, and a morning of amazing experiences for 20 children.
  • $1,500 pays for one farmer to attend a two-day conference

To become a member of Chrysalis please fill out the this membership / donation form and mail it to:

Chrysalis Biodynamic Agricultural Learning Center, P.O. Box 152, Chelsea, MI 48118-1642.  We will contact you about upcoming membership meetings and events via email or please provide alternate instructions if you wish to be contacted by other means.

If you have questions about Chrysalis, you may call Anne Elder at 734-433-0261


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