Chrysalis Biodynamic Agricultural Learning Center

The Educational Arm of the Community Farm of Ann Arbor


Chrysalis Biodynamic Agricultural Learning Center is the 501(c)(3) Non-Profit educational arm of the Community Farm of Ann Arbor. We work to expand access to healthy food and education about it, especially biodynamic agricultural practices that work with the farm as a living organism and respect and appreciate all the various plant and animal species as integral parts of a healthy ecosystem.

Chrysalis is currently nurturing several partnerships and programs as well as laying fertile ground for future endeavors! Read on for details and give us a shout to get involved and learn more!

  • Partnerships:  With the help of our sponsors (see “how to support” to learn more about our sponsorship program!) we are offering food shares and educational resources to organizations that prioritize health and wellness among communities that are often unable to engage with the local food movement due to lack of financial and educational resources.  Neutral Zone – we are working specifically with the Project GreeNZs program to support the development of their own garden as well as more food, nutrition and food justice focused activities.  This partnership includes:Fresh veggie sharesPlant starts and seeds
    • Food preparation and preservation information
    • Recipes
    • Visits to farm
    • Classes/workshops/presentations
  • Ypsilanti Corner Health Center – we are working with YCHC to help promote fresh food and food literacy.  This partnership includesFresh veggie sharesFood preparation and preservation informationRecipes
    • Farm visits, cooking classes
  • Internships: Chrysalis partners with the Community Farm of Ann Arbor to offer paid summer student internships.Intern Activities:Plant, tend and harvest a variety of crops
      • Tend to and engage with our critter friends
      • Gain leadership, team-building and problem-solving skills
      • Work in an environment that favors diversity
      • Be outdoors in nature experiencing healthy food, good people, sweet animals and well-run farm activity
      • Learn about Biodynamics agriculture to improve the health of the land, plants, animals and people
      • Have the chance to tailor your own working experience to best fit with your interests
    • Each intern will:Work 24 6-8 hour shifts
      • Earn $599
      • Get 8 shares (one per week) of farm veggies
      • Have assistance, if needed, with transportation   
  • Field trips: Chrysalis hosts field trips for all ages to the Community Farm of Ann Arbor. We are able and more than happy to tailor these field trips to specific areas of interest or study.  Please contact us to learn more about pricing and options and to book a trip!

Classes and workshops: The workshop programming varies from year to year. Offerings in the past have included: Biodynamic Preparations Making, Biodynamic Beekeeping, Fermentation, Food Preservation, Cooking classes, Historic Barn Preservation, and Orchard Fruit Tree care and grafting.

How to Support Chrysalis

  • Sponsorship programThis program is directed towards local, community-focused individuals and organizations. We ask these entities to help make it possible for the Community Farm of Ann Arbor to offer food shares and educational resources to organizations that prioritize health and wellness among communities that are often unable to engage with the local food movement. We endeavor to offer these organizations regularly delivered shares of freshly harvested, nutrient-rich food throughout the 20 week growing season
    • The Biodynamic Agricultural practices we employ view the whole farm as a living organism and respects and appreciates all the various plant and animal species as integral parts of a healthy ecosystem. Similarly, we at Chrysalis believe that a healthy social community is one that respects and appreciates all who make it up and one that ensures resources, especially those as important as nourishing food, are available to all. We are starkly aware of the issues of accessibility and inclusivity in the local food movement and feel it is our duty to extend our reach into communities historically left out (due to lack of funds and/or education) of the local/ health-conscious/sustainable food movement(s). Food justice is inextricably linked to a myriad of other social issues facing our community, our country and the world and we believe that whatever steps we can take to make our nutrient-rich, sustainably produced food available to a wider audience is in everyone’s best interest.
    • Sponsors may offer support either generally or to a specific organization. If you agree to being a sponsor the organization(s) you support will be informed of your generosity and we will include your logo/ information on all materials that we have that indicate our community partners, as well as on our website. This is assuming, of course, that you do not wish to remain anonymous, a request we are happy to honor.
    • Organizations and programs in need of sponsorship (Specific information and dollar amounts needed for each project available upon request)Neutral Zone – seeking funding to support:
        • – Veggie shares – Food preparation – Recipe cards – Visits to farm – Classes/workshops/presentations – Ongoing partnership opportunities
      • Ypsilanti Corner Health Center – seeking funding to support:
        • – Veggie shares – Food preparation – Recipe cards – Ongoing partnership opportunities
      • Field Trips/Exchange program – more funds = more opportunities to support:
        • – Transportation for exchange of workers (Melvin’s workers out to farm and our workers/interns to Melvin’s) with Melvin Parsons of We The People Growers Association
        • – Any number of school groups coming to visit

Contact Chrysalis

Contact us about

  • A field trip
  • Partnering with Chrysalis
  • Sponsoring access to food from the Community Farm for disadvantaged or underserved communities
  • Receive e-mails about Chrysalis and the Community Farm
  • Any other inquiries about Chrysalis!


Chrysalis/Community Farm team:

PO Box 8201, Ann Arbor
MI 48104

Donate to Chrysalis



Make checks payable to:

Chrysalis (Biodynamic Agricultural Learning Center)

P.O. box 8201 Ann Arbor, MI 48104

If you wish to donate to a specific program, partnership, or project, please make that known in the notes box of the online donation page linked above, or in the memo portion of your personal check.

****All donations to Chrysalis are tax deductible!****


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