Now in its 26th year, the Community Farm of Ann Arbor has remained solidly committed to its original goals: to develop a sustainable method of agriculture that yields nourishing food while maintaining and enhancing the health of the soil; to provide a livelihood for the producers, and to create a partnership with the producers and the consumers in which the risks and rewards of farming are shared.

We have been at our current location, 1525 S. Fletcher Road, since 1993, and we plan to continue embracing this land. The improvements we’ve made have brought new life to the farm:

  • We turned 11 acres of fallow ground into composted-cultivated beds, orchard, and rotational grazing pastures
  • We brought electricity to the barns, gave them new roofs, gutters, and paint, and convinced one of them to return to sitting squarely on its foundations.
  • We have repaired and refurbished tractors and various other implements.
  • We have created a nearby hay field where we grow Biodynamic hay for our animals.
  • We sank a 61 ft. well and laid irrigation lines out to our fields.
  • We’ve developed wonderful relationships with other Michigan farmers, some of whom supply us with healthy grain.
  • We’ve created a place for families to meet the plants and animals who nourish them, and to enjoy wholesome recreation together.
  • We’ve converted a tractor to solar power and installed solar panels to help wean the Farm from unsustainable dependence on fossil fuels.

We have helped this land emerge from a dormant farm into a healthy active organism where joy and peace are found by so many.

Finally this land and the farm have been preserved into the distant future. In April, 2004 we helped the Washtenaw Land Trust, now the Legacy Land Trust, purchase the development rights to the land and signed a long term lease for the farm.

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