Community financial responsibilities blog

Welcome to the world wide web log intended for members of the Community Farm of Ann Arbor as we answer various and sundry financial questions that we face in our forward progress. We’re finding our way to a feeling of shared responsibility for the financial health of the farm. Additionally, any other interested individuals are welcome to have a look and we hope this may serve to help other organizations meet transition with courage, integrity and well-informed consensus-based decision making.

I will use these post entries to share various information and ideas regarding our financial picture. You can use the “comment” feature to make contributions or ask questions. Go ahead, give it a try and leave a comment on this very post.

Other members can then respond to your comments or post additional comments as a convenient way to facilitate communication in the intervals between our regular monthly member meetings. Any required decisions will be made at our in-person member meetings; this tool is only intended as a way to share thoughts and ideas as we move closer to final decisions.

I understand this method of communication has its limitations but I hope you will participate as best you can. We need to employ any available means to be complete in our conversation. Thanks for bringing your warmth and goodwill to this medium.

You may want to bookmark this page or subscribe to the blog for ease of access. To subscribe to this blog click the “follow” button which should display in the bottom right corner of the page; then you will enter your email address and get an email each time a new post is published. Read more on subscribing on the WordPress support page. For now, this will guarantee you get the latest info; alternately, you can check the website periodically to read any new posts since your last visit.

With care,

Dan Gannon

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4 Responses to Community financial responsibilities blog

  1. Dan, your farmer says:

    Leaving a comment is super easy and helpful. Give it a try. You will enter your email address (which is not made public) and your name however you want it to display with your comment (you can use a clever handle or just your first name to preserve some privacy). Then hit “post comment” and you’re part of the conversation!

  2. I would like to express my gratitude to Dan, the Board, and all our membership. I am reading along with these new and challenging developments. My own personal circumstances limit my involvement in CFAA, but at least I understand what is going on with the farm and our shares. It is best to release expectations around the harvest and see what all comes. I loved the honey from weeks ago, and our strawberry season was lovely. I’d love to be swimming in greens and squash, but more, I’d love to be walking healthy land, cleaner water, fairer skies. I wish I might do so much more, for the farm and for the world.

  3. Lauren Hunt says:

    Hello all, chiming in here from a newcomer’s perspective and also from an employee’s perspective. The way I see it, this farm could have a very big vision and potential but it also has big challenges with many dynamics. There are the physical aspects of land, soil, infrastructure that we need to address. There are the leadership dynamics (the board) for the land which is held in trust and for the farm CSA business. There are membership aspects which need addressing (engagement, communication, diversifying and increasing the membership) and there are financial aspects overarching everything with no real plan in place.
    I think we are going to need to dig deep within ourselves to find our commitment to this project, and to reimagine and vision. We are going to need to build partnerships with other organizations, and we need to admit that we need some help. I suggest we find a core group within the membership who is willing to invest some time and energy and that we find someone outside of our group who helps communities like ours develop, organize, and strategize. Hopefully this person can come in and facilitate several workshops, conversations, or even a several day retreat to come up with some concrete action steps to help us move forward.
    Online conversations, monthly member meetings, and monthly board meetings that only last 2 hours just aren’t going to cut it. We need committees with dedicated volunteers, fundraisers, volunteer coordinators, and more paid positions.

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