Rest In Peace, Ashoka, our cow.


On December 29th our beloved cow, Ashoka, died. All should feel comforted knowing that for 19 years we provided her with a great home, lots of good Biodynamically grown food, and tons of loving. She returned that to us many times over. Ashoka was born and raised the gentlest of all 12 cows we’ve had on the farm. She was able to train Lucy, our newest calf, who has become quite tame. But now Lucy is the only cow and could use some extra loving in the form of carrots, apples and cabbage, or simply a visit (call 734-433-0261 to arrange a visit). As the main caretakers of Ashoka, we thank you for all the tenderness you gave to help Ashoka and the farm.

In Peace and Love,

Farmers Anne and Paul

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