Grand Finale 2013

This year’s final harvest was a rollicking good time! The weather was beautiful for members gathering the last of our shares of the 2013 harvest. The pounds and pounds of food should keep us in veggies until the Spring if we preserve it all the best we “can”!

IMG_2151 IMG_2147 IMG_2145 IMG_2138 IMG_2133 IMG_2126 IMG_2127

As the barn’s storm windows are put in, fields sown with cover crops, and tools cleaned and put away, the Community Farm of Ann Arbor settles in for the rest and rejuvination of Winter. Farmers Anne and Paul will tend the animals every day, but the Earth gets a rest in the larger rythem of the seasons. We hope to see you at the farm for Cow Caroling and other Winter activities to come, and then in the Spring as the wheel turns again to warmer times. May your Winter be filled with solace and rest, family and friends, and great food, of course!


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