Peas Turn Up the Beet Tastes of the Farm

The farmers and apprentices of the Community Farm of Ann Arbor have put their love into the food grown there from seed to table. At the benefit concert you will have a chance to taste a bit of what the farm has to offer. Here are the dishes and ingredients that will be available at Peas Turn Up the Beet:

From Farmer Anne:

Pesto Beans

*Steamed yellow waxed beans, *basil, olive oil, *garlic, parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, organic cashews, organic apple cider vinegar.

Salt Brine Pickles

*Cucumbers, sea salt, *garlic, *dill, organic vinegar

Pickled Diakon Radish

*Diakon radish, *cayenne pepper, sea salt, dulse seaweed, organic apple cider vinegar, *garlic, ginger, organic sugar.

From Apprentice Melissa:

Zucchini Bread

*Whole wheat flower, canola oil, turbinado sugar, *grated summer squash, *applesauce, banana, cloves, cinnamon, salt, baking soda.

Kale Chips

*Kale, nutritional yeast, olive oil, salt.

From Apprentice Kristin:

Hop Cheese with Apples

*Liberty apple slices, *hops flowers, *bronze fennel leaf, organic Neufchatel cheese, creme fraiche, organic sour cream, Dubliner sharp cheddar, salt, lemon juice, lime juice.


*denotes ingriedients grown on the Community Farm of Ann Arbor

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