“Weed and Sing” and Plant Study Schedules


2013 Weed & Sings will be held most Wednesdays in July and August from 2 – 3:30 (except not  on July 31).

A “weed and sing” is just that: a singing and weeding party at the farm. We teach each other rounds and other songs, and sing them while we weed. The singing makes the work more fun; it makes the plants grow better, and you vibrate more harmoniously. It all works out so well. These are drop-in events, and no reservations are necessary. Feel free to bring friends. Young children will need to be supervised by a non-participating adult.

Call Karen* 734-475-7451 for more information



The divine Romanesco cauliflower.

The divine Romanesco cauliflower.


2013 Plant Studies are scheduled for Saturday, July 13 2-4pm at the farm and Saturday, August 24 2-4pm at the farm.    You must register for these in advance (by 24 hours prior) and/or can also be scheduled by appointment.

Call Karen* at 734-475-7451 in either case.

You might call these meditative exercises or botany lessons. We think of them as chances to learn from a plant. Karen learned to lead these studies from the founding mothers of the farm, who learned it during their apprenticeship from the editor of the Kimberton Biodynamic calendar.

To understand a plant you have to slow down and focus your attention. Developing these skills and exercising our senses in the service of awareness bring positive results. In addition, the plants’ teachings never fail to inspire us.

Dress for being outside in whatever weather prevails. We will be sitting for a long time. You can bring a chair or mat if you want. A field lens or magnifying glass is fun, but not necessary.

Anyone who wants to participate and can sit quietly for 2 hours is welcome. These lessons are free to members. (A donation to the farm of $5 per person is suggested for non-members. )

*A big farmily “thank you” goes to one of our dearest Farm Angel members, Karen, for sharing her gifts of song and guidance in these lovely farm traditions. We love you Karen!


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