Peas Turn Up the Beet! Benefit Concert Kickstarter Campaign


Hello everyone! Our beloved Community Farm of Ann Arbor needs your help to put on a spectacular benefit concert to put the culture back in agriculture! Seth and May along with Breathe Owl Breathe will enliven our spirits with their soul-full songs, but we need YOUR HELP to make it happen! Check out our Kickstarter project to learn how you can support this righteous endeavor from wherever you are on the Earth. Every little bit helps and when you donate, we will send you a little bit of the Farm in gratitude. Watch the Peas Turn Up the Beet Kickstarter Video to learn more! Many thanks to Kat, Paul and all others who worked on launching this beautiful, heartfelt project!

Breathe Owl Breathe play at the Community Farm's Fall Festival in 2011


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